Monday Manicures

When I was little, I was known to carry around a purple makeup case filled to the brim with bottles of nail polish. Cheap, horrible, obscenely-bright bottles filled with shimmers and glitters that I adored. I painted the nails of every woman in my family–and extended family–and friends–for years. I gave it up, mostly, in my teenage years and for the majority of my college career as well. My nails have always been short and tiny, and I’ve always chewed on them.

Sometime in January or February this year, that all changed. I now have ~80 polishes, all organized by color and swatched neatly on nail wheels. I don’t do anything halfway, remember? Granted I know some lovely ladies with collections above 300 bottles, but I think it’s safe to say that I’m on my way to that point too. 🙂

Since I’m going to be keeping a log of my various manicures, I thought it would be fun to do a weekly update on what I’ve been wearing. I’d like to do a little reviewing of new stuff that I pick up along the way as well. Let’s go!

First up is Orly Gumdrop with polka dots in L’Oreal Amazon’s Flash and Milani Hi-Tech. I love contrasting shimmery and creme finish polishes, so this was a lot of fun for me. And Gumdrop is the loveliest light blue creme with a good formula. It’s like a staple polish for me.

Sadly, that manicure only lasted a day and a half, because then I bought this gem:

Milani Pink Flare (3 coats here) is a pretty close dupe for OPI Teenage Dream, which I was absolutely in love with, except for the pricetag. I found the Milani in-stock no-problem for about 5$ at my CVS. Totally recommend it. I love that the pink tone of the glitter and base is light and almost neutral. It certainly felt as weightless as wearing a neutral, but with lots of holographic glitter. When the light hits the nail, it’s so ridiculously shiny!  I wore this polish until it chipped off of me a whole five days later, which is incredibly unusual for me. I usually change polish at least every three days or so.

Damn, I needed to do a little more cleanup on this one, huh?

Eventually though, I needed something more punchy in my life, so it was China Glaze Ruby Pumps to the rescue! I love this polish so much, even though I only bought a mini of it because I thought hey, I don’t wear so much red. Yeah, totally going to have to get a full-size when this bottle runs out. I like to build this color up with 3-4 coats to really enhance the richness of the red glitter–this is 3 coats.

Of course, my nails are already different again, but that’s no surprise. 🙂 When Meta Cosmetics on Etsy opened again last night, I rushed to buy a set of three minis I had picked out of her collections beforehand– I got Frost Giant, Fire Nation and Lannister. I’ve heard good things about her polishes so I’m super excited to get some of my first indies from her!! I’ll be sure to swatch them all for ya’ll when they get here of course.

Here’s to an awesome new week!

7 thoughts on “Monday Manicures

    • Thank youu!! Gumdrop is such a nice color, it was one of my first polishes and I’ve used it consistently since.

  1. I looove your top one!! Teal & gold glitter makes me instantly think of summer. I’ve been on a gold glitter kick though so maybe it’s just me 😛 I’m still trying to master polkadots though, I suck at spacing!

    If you want to nab some polish for free/cheap,Copious is giving away a free $10.00 credits to people who are invited 🙂 If you click that you should get $10.00 fo’ freee!

    I just signed up n picked up a rad holographic polish by China Glaze 🙂

    Also, not to blogwhore, but I just made a post full of assorted nail polish giveaways!

    • Thank you!! I’ve been on a gold kick, too, funny enough. And thanks for the Copious link! I’ve been meaning to sign up, maybe it’s time. 🙂

      Also that may be the most comprehensive giveaways list I’ve ever seen!! I’m impressed!

      • Aw thank you 🙂 Between job hunting, I have entirely too much time and too little money, so one night I just cracked out & searched for as many giveaways as I could find! I’m figuring that with that many I should at least win one… (hopefully!)

        Yep Copious is pretty amazing! I sold a BUNCH of my OPI duplicates/unused the past couple days. Also, the free credit thing is awesome! Usually it’s like “oh you get $10.00 off but have to pay shipping” or “oh it’s $10.00 off a million dollar purchase” & stuff like that.

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