Retail Therapy

This week has been full of shopping–in store and online. I’m dangerous with a paycheck, people.

Jessica of JWo Designs and I went shopping last Sunday afternoon. She’s one of my closest, oldest friends, and I can never say no to an afternoon outing with her. Especially if we’re bargain-hunting! Now normally these kinds of trips are thrift-store extravaganzas for us, but Sundays in the South means that every thrift store in town is closed. Instead, we hit some clearance sections and mega sales–worked out just as well.

I ended up with a pair of super comfortable lightweight sweatshirts, in cool grey and muted blue (not pictured, it’s way too hard to make a picture of sweatshirts look good), a little refrigerator hotdog saver because look at how cute that damn thing is, and last but not least, an oversize, fold over clutch in teal by Steve Madden. I love that clutch so much, it was the first thing I picked up in the store and I toted it around for an hour while we shopped. For 20$, how could I say no?!

Then, earlier today, my husband and I decided to see what we could thrift as far as new bedding went. We’ve been using the same comforter for a couple of years now, and it’s been lovely, but it’s very brown–solid, dark-chocolate brown. The problem here is that it is the exact same color as the bed frame itself, and so our bed looks like a giant brown monolith in the middle of the room. Sort of off-putting, honestly.

Not now! This bedspread is so charming (even though it’s still pretty brown), it’s really brightened up the room. And the stitchwork on top! I just love it. It’s not what I think of as traditional embroidery, but zigzag stitches done on a machine in a pattern. I love it.

Aaaand, to top it all off, we impulse-bought a super-minimal dining table set. Just two chairs, perfect for the pair of us. 🙂

My house looks brand-new, all of a sudden.

(Also, notice the lack of a blanket-fort in my living room now. We finally took it down today–after putting it up for our Harry Potter party nearly two weeks ago!)

3 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

  1. I LOVE THAT COMFORTER AAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ And that dining table! So cool! It matches the coffee table!!!!!! 😀

    So, I went back to Columbus on Thursday and went thrift shopping….. I have replenished my skinny jeans (4 skinny and 1 regular jeans!!!) and are in the process of shortening them. No more skinnifying them!! Lol.

    Lol. That hotdog holder. I swear it makes me giggle.

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