This Week’s Roundup

So I’ve been a bad blogger and skipped this week. Here’s a little bit of a catch-up:

I did a lot of shopping this week–this weekend was Tax-Free Weekend here in Mississippi, and it only applied to clothes and shoes, so guess what I bought? šŸ˜‰ My favorite piece is a new denim pencil skirt, and some tops that I’ll be modifying this week using the same tutorial as JWo Designs! I’m really excited about this one.

My husband bought me something of a late birthday present while we were at the liquor store:

Some friends of ours served this wine at the engagement party they threw us three years ago. I remember it being amazingly good, considering I have little taste for (or knowledge about) wine. It’s just enough of a sentimental gift to be sweet, but not gushy. That’s not the kind of girl I am, y’know.

We had a lovely dinner party with Emily & Charlotte, wherein I made crockpot chicken tacos so delicious they cracked my husband’s top 5 favorites. I’m pretty proud of that one, so I’ll be posting about that soon, too!

Aaaand, we can’t end a week without the obligatory cat picture. Nora loves baskets.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my regular Monday Manicures–this time, we’ll be looking at the three polishes I ordered from Metametics! (Spoiler alert: they’re gorgeous!)

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