Monday Manicures

Note: I noticed that apparently my last Monday Manicures didn’t post when it was supposed to, so I added it last night. You can find it here.

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It’s finally time to review my new polishes from Metametics! I was so excited when I got my shipment last Monday after work, I wanted to swatch and post about them all that very second. But, in the name of not-wanting-to-overpost-about-nail-polish, I saved it all for today.

First up, we have Lannister Gold.

Full sun. Look at that shine!

Partial sun/shade.

Lannister is a honey/amber gold polish with a jelly finish, which holds several sizes and shapes of luminous gold glitters. I love the base color here, it reminds me of honey, especially with the finish, and the glitter is so bright and happy. I kept thinking of happy little bees the whole time I wore it. The glitter is nice and dense too, I didn’t have to fish for it to get a decent amount on the nail–I was deliberately fishing for glitter on my ring finger, and you can see how dense that became!

Next up is Fire Nation:

Fire Nation is a glitterbomb of red and gold hex glitters in several sizes and some orange bar glitter (1 coat here over Revlon Bare Bones). The gold glitter in this one is particularly shiny, and I love the addition of the orange bar glitter for  some variety. Definitely no fishing for glitter here! Nicely dense in one coat.

And last but most certainly not least, is Frost Giant:

This is 2 coats Frost Giant over 2 coats Revlon Royal. I love this combination so much, I can hardly tear my eyes from it! Frost Giant has large, bright blue hex glitter, a smattering of smaller holo glitter, and the most gorgeous violet shimmer running throughout. Seriously, Revlon Royal is a dark blue-purple creme with no shimmer–and look at how this shines! I wore this one until it chipped off my nails, I loved it so much.

Now, I did have to fish for the large hex glitters in this one, but it’s not because they’re sparse. I usually have trouble with larger glitter in mini bottles, so this wasn’t really a surprise to me (actually, the other two being so effortless was the surprise!). I love this polish enough that I’ll probably buy a full-size bottle soon, so I’ll report back if I  continue to have to work for the glitter. It’s worth it, for me!

Overall, the formulas on these polishes were quite nice and applied smoothly–no cuticle-flooding here–and as mentioned, the glitter was a breeze to apply in 2/3 cases. Kas from Metametics states in her shop that she offers a 6-month warranty on her products to guarantee their quality, and I really appreciate that kind of peace of mind from an indie seller. She is also incredibly nice in convos and her turnaround time for mailing is superb! I highly recommend her shop, and I already have my heart set on a few more from her collections. 🙂

This past weekend I picked up three new Zoya polishes (Zuza, Wednesday and Ivanka) that I’ve been wishing for, so I’ll be wearing those this week, most likely. More shimmers, hooray!

6 thoughts on “Monday Manicures

  1. Those are all beautiful!!! I really love the jelly look, I’ve been meaning to get more 🙂 I just might have to buy that one! I like the fire nation, too, I’m just not a huge fan of bar glitter :/ It’s mostly because my nails are short right now and it takes up a bunch of space lol

    • I usually hate bar glitter too, but more because it likes to stick up through my top coat and poke me :/ No such problems here, so maybe I’ve been using -bad- bar glitter, lol.

  2. Oh man, these swatches are SERIOUSLY beautiful! I can’t get over how pretty Frost Giant looks on you! That shade of blue really makes the shimmer pop. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your order, and thank you again for the lovely review 🙂 I really appreciate it!

    • Oh man, I wish. Especially with Lannister, the bottle looks like a tiny vial of glittery honey and I just WANT IT TO BE lol

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