Harry Potter Party!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, so a couple of my friends, my husband, and I decided to have a Harry Potter party.

Yes, that is an awesome blanket fort.

Okay, so we really decided about a week ago. The original plan was just to watch both parts of Deathly Hallows back-to-back, but the longer we talked about it, the more elaborate this party became and well…

I ended up making Acid Pops, Licorice Wands, and Every-Flavor-Beans (okay I just bought these but same thing). Emily and Charlotte brought a fabulous cake (like Harry’s first birthday cake!) and pizza (magic pizza).  My two cats, Izzy and Nora, were very interested in what was going on in their kitchen.


Nora loves people-food.

Izzy doesn’t normally look quite this dignified…

…usually she’s more like this.

Integral to any good party is a good drink, and here, Butterbeer is the obvious choice. Now, there are a ton of Butterbeer recipes floating around the internet. I did some research and decided upon this recipe from Bakingdom since she based hers on the version from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Park in Orlando. I’m all about some authenticity. 🙂 I’ve never been to WWOHP, but for now, we can dream. Best Sunday afternoon/theme party ever.