Monday Manicures

Aaand we’re back! I’ve been waiting patiently for today, because I finally get to share with you my newest polish loves from Hot Mess Lacquers, a new-ish indie seller on Etsy. These are some seriously amazing polishes, so get ready!

The trio that I bought are known as the White Trash Trio — number one is Redheaded Step-Child.Redheaded Step-Child by Hot Mess Lacquers

RHSC is a red jelly packed with red micro shimmer and red and black hex glitter. I love this combination, it reminds me so much of strawberries! This is three coats on its own, not quite opaque but not enough VNL to bother me. All of the glitter laid flat and was glass-smooth with a single coat of topcoat, and absolutely no problems with fishing for glitter. I was hesitant to pick this one up because I don’t wear much red, but juuuust before my package arrived I rediscovered the power in wearing red polish. Totally worth it.

Number two in our trio is Aquanet!Aquanet by Hot Mess Lacquers

Aquanet is composed of a violet jelly base and is absolutely–irrefutably–packed with holographic glitter in all shapes and sizes–super large hexs and even squares! I think this may be the most intense glitterbomb I own now. Believe it or not, those super huge hex glitters were no trouble at all to apply or get on the brush. This is three coats of Aquanet on its own–not quite as opaque as RHSC, and I may wear a solid lavender underneath next time. This polish definitely has the highest shine payoff of the three!

And, last but not least, is Across the Trailer Park.Across the Trailer Park by Hot Mess Lacquers

ATTP is a dark blue jelly base filled with blue and green hex glitters and some blue micro shimmer. This polish has completely killed my lemming for Deborah Lippmann’s Across the Universe, so if you’re as frightened of that price tag as I am, here’s a good substitute. 😉 And this is no second-rate version; this is three coats on bare nails. The glitter is dense and intensely glowy, even in dim lighting, at three coats it’s mostly opaque, and out of the three it wore on me the longest without chipping. Or maybe I just loved it so much I didn’t want to touch it for fear of messing it up! (I have a real thing for blue polish…)

I also ordered a 1oz container of Hot Mess Lacquers’ Cracks are Whack cuticle cream because I loved the little trial version so much. It’s a firm cream but feels silky to the skin–and it smells vaguely of baked lemon treats, which I love, so that’s a little bonus.

All in all, Hot Mess Lacquers has totally won me over with this selection of polishes, and so I have to highly recommend her shop! I have a couple more picked out on my wishlist–Yankee Star may have to be my next polish buy because omg holographic stars 😀

Now ya’ll stay tuned, I’ve got some good stuff coming up this week! It’s my last week before the beginning of my semester, so I’m trying to get everything done before then!