Monday Manicures

Sneaky back-post for Monday! Since I was sick last week I kept my manicures to a minimum–no one with a head cold needs to inhale that much acetone & nail polish fumes. 😉

First up, that other polish I told you I was craving from Hot Mess Lacquers: Yankee Star!

Yankee Star manicureThis is two coats of NYC Skin-Tight Denim with two coats of Hot Mess Lacquers Yankee Star. Yankee Star is packed with all kinds of holographic glitter–bar, square, small and large hex, stars (!!!) and some holographic shimmer to top it off. I cannot wait to do more galaxy manicures with this polish! Yankee Star has a nice density of glitter, including the coveted star-shapes, even though the formula is a little thicker than I prefer. Nothing a little thinner can’t help!

The only other polish I wore last week was my new color-shifter from Ninja Polish, Color-Changing Garnet:Color-Changing Garnet by Ninja Polish

This is two coats of Ninja Polish Color-Changing Garnet over two coats China Glaze Smoke & Ashes. I tried my best to show the shifty-ness of this polish so that you could appreciate the array of colors! I saw this color shift from deep garnet-red to burnt orange, bright gold, lime green and even turquoise in the dim light of my apartment. The shifts are even more dramatic in full sunlight. The pigment is a little grainier/coarser than I expected but it still has a nice finish on the nail. If you love multichromes/duochromes/all things shimmery, I would highly recommend this one. I want to try layering it over more colors than black, though, to see what kind of effects I can get.

So this week is going to be super super busy!! My department is traveling down south a little tomorrow for a lecture/exhibition by the legendary artist Christo; Thursday we’re having an opening reception for our exhibition of African-inspired Fiber Arts by artists Mary Hark & Nnenna Okore; and Friday I’m participating in a papermaking workshop with Mary Hark to create a collaborative piece to hang alongside her work in our galleries. I’m going to try to take lots of good pictures for ya’ll, so check back later this week!