Sick Days

I’ve been sick all this week–probably a particularly vicious head cold, if I’m not mistaken, but it does suck pretty bad. Since I’ve been pretty useless in the going-to-work and making-art categories, I thought I could at least share with you what’s been keeping me entertained as I wait for my body to overcome its current sickly state. Spoiler alert: I consume a lot of internet and TV.


Community has been a life-saver. We watched all three seasons earlier this summer and I really got hooked. Re-watching has been a joy, just to pick up on all the little cues and inside jokes I missed the first go-round. (The Dean is my favorite character, easy.) Can’t wait for the new season.

Jennifer Armintrout is my new favorite author whose books I have never read. She’s been writing these brilliant recaps of the 50 Shades books (currently on book 2) and I recommend them to everyone–at least, everyone who hates or should hate the source material. She is hilarious and pissed off in all the right places–my kinda woman. She has legitimately given me a lot of good laughs with her writing, and I’ll probably buy one of her books just to throw some cash her way. She earned it. (Her blog can be found here.)

I’ve also been spending an unholy amount of time on Pinterest. Yes, I know, it’s every mid-twenties woman’s procrastination tool. It shows us everything we should be but can’t be because there isn’t enough damn time in the day. But hey, I like to dream–and who said you couldn’t pick and choose from the list of expectations and forge your own path? I love DIY, it’s at the heart of my artwork and my life, and that started waaaaay before Pinterest. So did my love for food. But interior decorating, raising children and the constant ‘weight loss tips you must try!’ posts? Nah, not so much. But I think we can all agree on cute pictures of baby animals. 😉

I suppose I should also mention that I’ve been carefully watched-over by my stalker-creepy ever-loving cats, who can’t seem to let me even go to the kitchen alone.Izzy & Nora by stevenj82 on Instagram

(Image courtesy of my husband, since they were piled on my lap and I couldn’t move.)

So what about ya’ll? What do you do to combat boredom when you’re sick?